Darwin Martial Arts


Muay Thai Evolution

Celebrate Thailand’s gift to the world of Martial Arts! These days it is most commonly practiced as a sport, either on its own, or in MMA.

Evolution Conditioning

Rotate through strength and agility exercises in circuits that are tailored to help the body adapt itself to the practice of martial arts. While we grow “fit to fight” the circuits will change regularly and the exercises will be modified as we increase our strength, balance, & stamina!

Submission Grappling Evolution

Explore grappling techniques like takedowns, submissions, and reversals from Wrestling, Judo, Jiu-Jitsu (Japanese & Brazilian), Aikido/Aiki-Jujutsu, Silat, Kali, & Sambo. Whether you’d like to complement your striking or feel more comfortable on the ground, these methods will help you prepare.

Other Programs

Open Gym

This is FREE to all registered members, and is intended to serve as (supervised) practice time in order to refine individual training.

Personal Instruction

Private lessons will feature personalized guidance through the journey of the martial arts. Members may select areas of focus in order to tailor the experience, and refine the training to emphasize the intended results. Appointments may be scheduled based on availability.


On these occasions, our dojo will host and feature Guest Instructors that are passionate about sharing their skills and training methods with the community. (Registration and tuition will be separate from regular programs.)


Each clinic will serve us differently, giving our crew the time to highlight and focus on the subtle aspects of our regular training, as well as introduce and inspect a variety of eccentric martial arts. ~ (TBA) (Free to Members.)